Dancing Free (LAC Lugano Arte e Cultura)

Feature Documentary

Dancing Free is a feature documentary movie that deals with the journey that led to the creation of the first edition of the Lugano Dance Project, an international dance festival held in Lugano in May 2022. Contemporary dance tradition had its foundations laid in the intellectual and avant-garde community of Monte Verità in the 20s, before setting off for a long journey overseas. The movie explains the process that brought this heritage back to the Ticino Canton, revolving around its key artists and female choreographers, Virginie Brunelle, Annie Hanauer and Lea Moro, as well as the festival's mastermind and LAC's director, Michel Gagnon. As progress and innovation are to be - joyfully or not - embraced by our society, we can’t lose and forget who we are and where we come from. The LAC Dance Project, its main characters and Ticino, entail this twofold concept. So does this film work.

Co-produced with Franklin University Switzerland and Manitou Fund, and in partnership with LAC (Lugano Arte e Cultura).

Dancing Free was featured in an article on Harper Bazaar. Read the full article here.

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