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Cartoonist Liza Donnelly is One Funny Lady

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In a field dominated by men, “The New Yorker” cartoonist Liza Donnelly proves she’s one funny lady.

Should Women Be Able to Water the Lawn?

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LA-based painter Kelly Reemtsen depicts elegant ladies holding rough tools, questioning conventional gender expectations.

Protesting Sexism in Her Own Backyard

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Micol Hebron looked at artists with gallery representation and found a gender disparity of around 70 percent male to 30 percent female. In response, she organized an exhibition in her backyard to screen videos solely by women.

The First Lady of Houston

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When Annise Parker was first elected mayor of Houston in 2009, people balked that a deep south city was the first to elect an openly gay Mayor. Texans weren’t—they had already elected Parker to office six times. Today, she’s one of only three female mayors of a major U.S. city. Married in California and mother of four adopted kids, she’s reaching the end of her final term as mayor.

Brown Girls Burlesque

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An all-women-of-color striptease troop, Brown Girls Burlesque, makes wide ranging political statements on everything from climate change to male chauvinism while taking their clothes off.

Prying Open the Stage Door

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Playwright Marsha Norman once said women are “welcome at the front door of the theatre but not at the stage door.” Of 51 Broadway shows this season, six had sets designed by women. Three of those were by Anna Louizos.

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