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How To Make The Southern Salad Of Your Dreams

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Making a great dinner for yourself after a long day at work can definitely sound daunting. And when you’re looking for a dish that’s quick, fresh, and easy to make, chances are you’ll find yourself reaching around in your refrigerator for the typical components of a salad—which can get pretty boring really fast if you’re eating it night after night. The solution? Break all of the salad rules and go where no weeknight dinner has ever gone before—and pair it with a pizzathat’s packed with fresh ingredients. This easy-to-make salad recipe from MacKenzie Smith of Grilled Cheese Social stars Southern-style cornbread and will play well with all of your favorite meals. And what’s better than a delicious weeknight dinner recipe you can throw together in under 20 minutes?

In partnership with California Pizza Kitchen® Frozen Pizzas, we worked with MacKenzie to devise a simple, satisfying salad that complements the tangy flavors found in their BBQ chicken pizza. A true Southerner, she didn’t let us down. The pie’s sweet BBQ sauce is a match made in heaven with this salad’s sweet cornbread crumbles. Plus, the zesty red onion slices found on each slice work in perfect harmony with the salad’s tart pickled onions, peppery arugula, and buttermilk dressing packed with garden-fresh herbs and fresh-squeezed lime juice. MacKenzie is giving us serious inspo for upping our weeknight dinner game. Just a few minutes can make all the difference!

The Simplest, Tastiest Fall Apple Dessert You Have To Try

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There are a few unofficial fall rules that I feel the need to fill you in on. First, posting pictures of beautiful foliage is a must, because there are people in the world—like me—who are waiting with bated breath to double-tap it. (Here for you!) The second rule of fall is that if someone offers you a dish prepared with fresh apples, you must try at least one bite, if not eat the entire thing yourself. Which brings me to unofficial rule number three: Eat apples with all your favorite foods whenever possible, whether you’re mixing them into your morning oatmeal, or chasing your go-to pizza with an apple-centric dessert. Which is why we’ve partnered with California Pizza Kitchen® Frozen Pizzas to come up with a complete dinner (dessert included) that you can prepare any time!

We asked Adrianna Adarme—the brains behind the gorgeous food blog A Cozy Kitchen—to show us how to make a delicious dessert that pairs perfectly with a Mediterranean pizza. The sweet, crisp qualities from the fresh apples in this dessert are the ideal follow up to the sweet vine ripened Roma tomatoes found on this pie. All you need to do is stock up on the fresh ingredients below, throw your favorite California Pizza Kitchen® Frozen Pizza in the oven, then check out the video below. The best part? This recipe works beautifully with any seasonal fruit, all year round. We told you it was easy.

Easy Cauliflower Bites Are Your New Favorite Appetizer

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Is there anything that sounds more appealing than waking up at the crack of dawn, working a full day in the office, hitting the gym for a workout, and dashing home to prepare yourself a gourmet dinner? And then going to bed and doing the whole thing over again? Well, actually, yes. I can think of roughly one billion things that sound better than running on that schedule five days a week. For starters, using my precious after-work hours to heat up my favorite go-to pizzapaired with a fast, easy-to-make weeknight appetizer before settling in to watch a few hours of TV. (No judgment! We all have our priorities.) And since a busy schedule should never be a barrier to amazing food, we teamed up with California Pizza Kitchen® Frozen Pizzas and food blogger Gillie Houston to come up with a simple recipe made with fresh, wholesome ingredients that goes perfectly with a classic white pie.

These crispy cauliflower bites can be cooked and ready before your pizza comes out of the oven, and they’re packed with mouthwatering flavors that pair perfectly with white pizza. The creamy garlic sauce on this pie has the same sharp accents as the parmesan cheese found in each cauliflower bite, and the fresh herbs featured in both dishes make for an unbeatable dinner combo. Just grab the ingredients listed below, then check out our video to learn how to make them on your own—any day of the week.

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