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The Challenges Of Building An Artificially Intelligent Sex Bot (360 Video)

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The RealDoll factory in California is building a sex bot that can interact with you, without any judgement. In this 360 Video, we look at what life would be like with a “partner” like this.

This Sex Robot Will Love You. Really.

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The RealDoll factory outside Los Angeles is developing the world’s first A.I. Powered sex robot.

It costs upward of $10,000 and can be customized to your personal tastes and personality. This doll can speak and interact with you. Most importantly, she will never judge you. One futurist even predicts that we will have more sex with robots than humans by the year 2050. Whether that comes to pass or not, the days of inanimate sex dolls may be numbered.

This Hacktivist Is On The Run From The FBI

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Commander X faces 15 years in prison for leading an attack on a California county’s website.

How The Internet Convicted An Innocent Man

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Keenan Vanginkel can’t escape the online accusations that he was involved in a young woman’s death.

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